Kalahari CF

Botswana x Mumtaz mon Amour CF
SCID- and CA-clear

Mumtaz mon Amour CF in foal

I am extremly happy to announce that Mumtaz mon Amour CF (by Borsalina K x Mudhessa) is in foal to Botwana (link: http://www.talariafarms.com/botswana/) for a 2022 foal - thanks to Johanna Ullström for making it possible!

Medina CF is back

As her foal JD Maharaja is weaned, i picked up Medina CF at Julia Dohmen's place. She now is standing together with her sister Al Janina CF near to our home.


We now live again in northern germany and i feel happy to have Al Janina CF near by.

La Motte Lubin

Mumtaz mon Amour CF arrived safe and sound at Johanna Ullstrom's place La Motte Lubin in France. Due to the Covid-19-Pandemie an earlier transport was not possible.

JD Maharaja

Congratulations to Julia Dohmen: Medina CF has given birth to a colt named JD Maharaja by AJ Elaf.

Premium mare show

Mumtaz mon Amour CF awarded the mares premium title of the german breeding society!

Europ. Show in Stroehen

Congratulations to Claus Bouché for the recent Bronze Champion Title of Maharani CF at the European Show in Stroehen today. She was 3rd in her strong class of 8 mares 10yo+ and had a hard competition at the championships!

Medina CF is in foal

For the season 2019/2020 Medina CF is on lease to Julia Dohmen. I am very happy, that she is in foal on the first try to AJ Elaf (AJ Mardan x AJ Estrella). Pic by Johanna Ullstrom

To everything there is a time…

The year 2019 will bring a lot of change for us.We sold our farm and will relocate.Our horses will go in training or in pension near our new home.Hopefully I will find more time to ride.There is a lot of work ahead of us ? let?s get going!