Horses of significance

Majeedah CF

Foto © Melanie Groger by WH Justice x Maharani CF SCID-clear, CA carrier Show results: Foal Champion Stroehen 2011 5th Place Int. C-Show Salzkotten 2012 4th Place German Nationals Aachen 2012 1st Place and Bronze Champion Junior mares european C-Show Stroehen 2013 1st Place and Gold Champion Junior mares Nat. C-Show Kaub 2013 3rd Place …
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Al Janina CF

by Jenisseij x Metallica
SCID-, CA- and LFS clear
Premium mare VZAP
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Maharani CF

by Psytadel x Mara SCID- and CA-clear premium mare VZAP Elitemare VZAP offspring: Majeedah CF 2011 (x WH Justice) Show-Results: Foalchampion – Stroehen 2007 Foalchampion – Bad Segeberg 2007 3. Place – int. B-Show Baden-Baden 2008 2. Place and Top Five filly – int. A-Schau Wels 2009 2. Place – int. B-Schau Blomeroed 2009 2. …
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Marielle CF

by Navodchik x Menina SCID- and CA-clear straight russian Racerecord: 10(2-1-1-2) GAG 67kg Now successful in endurances with her owner Mieke Schmidt 41km, Weissenhorn-Distanz, M?rz 2013 64km, Sand-Distanz, Juni 2013 60km, Weissenhorn-Distanz, April 2014 60km, Hohenholzer Distanz, Juni 2014 42km, Marbach Distanz, August 2014 82km, Distanzritt “Hessisches Ried”, September 2014 80km, Weissenhorn-Distanz, Oktober 2014 43km, …
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WH Justice x Exotic PureSCID- and CA-clear 4 fillies in the years 2010 and 2011. Pics by:© Melanie Groger, Glenn Jacobs, Joanna Jonietz, Rika Kreinberg, Robert Claus, Sabine Hafner & Barbara Schwarz
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Foto: © Melanie Groger Chocolate Fix x Nevinija SCID and CA clear premium mare VZAP Elitemare VZAP performance tested under saddle For several years Nirvana was my preferred riding horse Offspring: Impressario 2005 (x Esstashan) Marrakesh CF 2006 (x FS Bengali) Namibia CF 2007 (x Navodchik)
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Foto: © Edgar SchraderDrug x Nutria SCID and CA clear Straight russian stallion performance tested on the racetrack race record 3/23(3-1-4) Premium Stallion, licensed for all breeds offspring: Marielle CF 2007 (x Menina) Namibia CF 2007 (x Nirvana) Prince Navodchik CF 2010 (x Kubina)
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Foto © Robert Claus 1991 bis 20015 by Europeijzcyk x Saszetka My first arabian horse, my friend, my compagnion I’ll never forget him
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Foto: © Melanie Groger Menes x Nascha (Elite)SCID and CA clear Dam of 15 foalsRetired since her last foal in 2009 Pictures by: Melanie Groger, Christiane Slawik & Barbara Schwarz
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