Majeedah CF

Foto © Melanie Groger

by WH Justice x Maharani CF
SCID-clear, CA carrier

Show results:

Foal Champion Stroehen 2011
5th Place Int. C-Show Salzkotten 2012
4th Place German Nationals Aachen 2012
1st Place and Bronze Champion Junior mares european C-Show Stroehen 2013
1st Place and Gold Champion Junior mares Nat. C-Show Kaub 2013
3rd Place int. C show St. L? 2014
2nd Place int. B show Stroehen 2014
4th Place at the German Nationals 2014 – only 1,0 Points behind the class winner
6th Place at the European Championships 2014 – only 0,8 points behind the 2nd place
1st Place & Gold Senior Champion Mare & Highest score of the show, european C show Stroehen 2015
2nd Place (with tie to class winner) & Bronze Champion Senior Mare at the AHO Breeders Cup in Chantilly 2015

For her owner Mubarak Al Khashab:

1st place & gold champion mare at the int. B show in Deauville 2015
3rd place with 91,8 points int. show Kuwait 2016
2nd place with 92,13 points int. show Qatar 2016
2nd place & bronze champion mare int. B show Wels/Austria 2016
1st place & gold champion mare at the int. B show in Bruges 2016
1st place, gold champion mare and best in show at the West Coast Cup 2016
1st place – All Nations Cup Aachen 2016
1st place & Silver Champion Senior Mare – European Championship Belgium 2016
4th place & Top Ten – World Championship Paris 2016

For her owner Eabd Aleaziz Khalid Hail Alshshaelan

9th place The Saudi National Championships 2023
8th place The Turfah Arabian Horese Show 2023