Marielle CF

by Navodchik x Menina
SCID- and CA-clear

straight russian

Racerecord: 10(2-1-1-2) GAG 67kg
Now successful in endurances with her owner Mieke Schmidt
41km, Weissenhorn-Distanz, M?rz 2013
64km, Sand-Distanz, Juni 2013
60km, Weissenhorn-Distanz, April 2014
60km, Hohenholzer Distanz, Juni 2014
42km, Marbach Distanz, August 2014
82km, Distanzritt “Hessisches Ried”, September 2014
80km, Weissenhorn-Distanz, Oktober 2014
43km, Steckenroth Distanz, August 2015
50km, Pyramid Society Cup, Oktober 2015